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Homebuilt props are the category of propellers that come with urethane leading edge protection and fiberglassed wrapped tips. This category is for uses other than ultralight airplanes. Props Inc. propellers compare in overall performance to constant speed props. They weigh 35lbs. less and thousands less in initial cost and overhaul cost. A customer with my wood prop on a RV 8 with an 0-320 performs comparable to one with an 0-360 constant speed. Our prop out performed a Warneke on a Van's RV 4 180 H.P. Ask Scott at Van's.

Key Benefits of the O-320 - 0-360 and up 60 - 70 " prop.

bullet Durable, yet can save tear down cost in the event of a ground strike.
bullet Protected from rain and safe to fly in rain.
bullet Not RPM limited as an aluminum prop.
bullet Made from laminate eastern maple not soft southern maple with splices.
bullet Specifically designed for the use. 
bullet Doesn't need constant re-torqueing  due to hard laminate wood.
bullet Can be modified for fine tuning. 


Engine Types Diameter Price
VW, Jabiru, Subaru, Aero V, Rotax 90 hp and up, Corvair, Great Plains, Revemaster ,etc. 46" - 58" dia.

59"-64" dia.



Gyrocopter Mac, VW, or Subaru, Airboats

Sonex , Wyex tapered hub 

48" -56" dia.

52 -56 dia.




C-90, O-200, O235

O-320, O-290, O-360, O-540,  Auto conversions, etc, 

58" -72" dia. 6" dia.

   73" - 84" dia.

64 -72" dia. 7" dia. 4+ thick

85" - 96" dia.


 3-3.375" thick 



Packing and shipping is $45 for 58" -76" larger call, $35 for 46"- 58".

Payment: Small deposit to start. Pay by Cash, Check, Discover Card, or use PayPal at

Props Inc. 

Call Jeff for more information or order 541-265-3032 ,



Last modified: February 27, 2015