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This is a brief description of the sizes used on several types of planes. Please note the diameter and pitch is a recommended size and may change with your application. Also of importance is the pitch number. We use a pitch number relative to the bottom of the airfoil. Some other manufacture's numbers may be 6" different from ours, but be actually the same. Airfoils we use are different than ones used by others, so there is a difference in measurement also.

Key Benefits

bulletAccurate Pitch Measurement
bulletConsistent performance
bulletWood has long lasting life

Recommended Sizes

VP2  KR1                  KR2 

Dragonfly  Quickie  2        Cygnet          Jabiru ST      Hummel        Bradley          Sonex  

1600cc VW     1834cc VW     1834cc VW     2100cc VW 1834cc VW     2100cc VW    2100cc VW    1834cc VW    2200cc VW    1100cc VW    2100cc VW    2100cc VW   

2200cc Jab


52x36              52x46            52x46             52x48            52x42               52x46               54x46              58x38              58x39             46x36            56x46             54x46           


Lancair        0-200 58x71

 Q 200          0-200 58x70

 Vari-EZ        0-200 56-58x65

 Long-EZ      0-200 58-62x65    

Long-EZ       0-235 58-62x68

Gyrocopter VW or Mac 48-54"x20-30

Airboats same style as Gyrocopter sized to engine and boat.

RV 3            0-290 68x66

RV 3            0-320 68x67/68  

RV 4,6,9      0-320 68x67/68 

RV 8            0-360 68x69

Glassair       0-320 68x65/67  

Glassair       0-360 68x69 

Long-EZ       0-320 62x71  

T-18            0-320 68x66 

Lancair        0-325 62x72    

Lancair        0-360 62x74

 Cozy            0-360 64x74



Last modified: January 21, 2012